Popglory Smart Watch Call Receive/Dial, 1.85'' Smartwatch with AI Voice Control, Blood Pressure/SpO2/Heart Rate Monitor, Fitness Tracker Watch with 2 Straps for Men & Women iOS & Android Phones

Product Features
  • Answering/Making Call & AI Voice Assistant: The watch has a built-in speaker that supports answering or making calls and playing music. You can turn off the phone ringing and media audio in the watch settings. The upgraded P66 smart watch is equipped with an AI voice assistant. Click "Voice Assistant" on the watch, then you can voice control the phone to make calls, search information, play music/videos and enter any app.
  • 1.85” HD Color Display & 2 straps: 1.85” full-touch HD color screen presents smooth visual effects. It is more fashionable with a simple and elegant stainless steel strap. The width of the strap is 22mm. One more replacement silicone strap is included in the package, with different color to change the mood. You can choose hundreds of HD watch faces in the app and also can customize the dial to show your own style.
  • Smart Notification & Multiple Sports Modes: Once connected, the watch can remind you the messages received on your phone from apps like WhatsApp, Facebook, Twitter and etc. The watch supports a variety of sports modes, which is suitable for multiple sports scenes to meet the sports needs of women and men. It is IP67 water resistance and meets your daily use needs, you can wash hands without taking it off and don"t worry about damaging the watch in the rain.
  • All-Day Health Tracking: This fitness watch can help you achieve a healthier and more active life with blood-pressure, blood-oxygen, heart rate measurement and sleep quality analysis. And it records daily distance, steps and calories. All data will be synced to the app GloryFit and analyzed. You can adjust your fitness goals at anytime by viewing the data in the app. NOTE: All data are for fitness reference only, not for medical purposes.
  • Practical Functions & Compatibility: More practical functions are waiting for you to explore, such as physiological cycle, weather forecast, music control, timer, stopwatch and etc. The watch is only compatible with iOS 9.0 and above or Android 5.0 and above smartphones, not with tablets and computers. It can be used for up to 3~5 days and standby for 10~15 days after fully charged.

Manufacturer Information
  • Smart Watch Body
  • 1 Stainless Strap(Rose Gold) + 1 Silicone Strap(Pink)
  • Charging Cable
  • User Manual
  • 11

    Make / Answer Calls & AI Voice Control

    The smart watch has a built-in mic and speaker. It can help you answer and make calls directly during exercise or when it is inconvenient to answer and make calls with your phone. You can upload contacts via the app and view calls log on the smart watch.

    AI Voice Control: P66 Smartwatch is equipped with AI Voice assistant. Tap on 'voice assistant' and click the screen to start, you can voice control the phone to make calls, search information, play music/videos and enter any app.

    One time connection, get rid of cumbersome

    1. Connect the watch in GloryFit app with 8luetooth.

    2. Swipe right on the homepage of the watch and click the call function - switch to turn on the call function

    3. Click 'Device - 8luetooth Call - Sync Contacts - Open' in the app, then you can sync your contacts to your watch.

    4. After the above operations are completed, you can dial directly on the watch. Or you can directly tap the call log and synchronized contacts on the watch to make calls.


    1. If the 8luetooth calling function cannot be used, please confirm the connection status in the app and 8luetooth list.

    2. If it is not convenient for you to answer the phone, you can turn off the 'Call function' on your watch. When there is an incoming call, the watch will only vibrate without ringing. You can hang up the call but cannot answer it.


    1.85" Large Screen & 100+ Custom Dials

    The stunning design built to last. The main case is made of zinc alloy and is vacuum plated. The screen is 1.85 inches and used by TFT to display clearer.

    You can make a new look with hundreds of dials to choose from in dial center of the app. You can change the dial in the app or on the watch to change mood.

    The watch time will be sync with the phone automatically when connect the watch with the phone. If there is still a problem with the time, please disconnect the watch and reconnect it. You can choose 12-hour/24-hour time format.

    health monitorhealth monitor

    Health Assistant

    The smart watch provides blood pressure, blood oxygen and 24-hour heart rate monitoring, keeping an eye on changes in your physical health and making your lifestyle healthier.

    Monitor heart rate, blood pressure, blood oxygen:

    1. For accurate measurements, firstly fill in your gender, age, height, and weight information in the app. Then lay the arm flat, relax and keep still, while making sure the watch is close to the skin.

    2. Incorrect wearing posture will affect the measurement of heart rate, such as the deviation of the green light detector when the watch is not close to the skin.

    3. Swing of the arm and dislocation of the watch on the skin. If you wear watch too tightly or raise your hand, the blood circulation and heart rate measurement data will be affected.

    NOTE: The watch is not professional measuring instrument and cannot be intended for medical use, all measurements are for general fitness purposes.

    sleep monitoring:

    The smart watch automatically detects your sleep status every night after you fall asleep. The default sleep monitoring time is from 6:00 p.m. to 12:00 noon the next day. You can see the detailed the sleep data on the app. If the watch is worn too loosely or tightly, or the waking time at midnight is too long, the sleep monitoring may be interrupted or the sleep time monitoring may be inaccurate.


    Smart Features

    20+ Sports Mode: P66 Smartwatch supports 20+ sports modes, including Outdoor Running / Cycling / Skipping / Badminton / Table tennis / Tennis / Alpinism / Walking / Basketball / Football / Baseball / Cricket / Volleyball / Hockey / Rugby / Dancing / Yoga / Spinning bike / Sit-ups / Indoor Running / Boating / Gymnastics / Jumping Jack.

    Message Notifications:

    Turn on 'Call reminder' 'SMS reminder' and 'App reminder' in the app, the smart watch will display text messages, incoming calls and app notifications such as Facebook, WhatsApp, Twitter, etc. And you can delete separately each notification.


    You cannot reply to messages on the watch. The watch only receive message displayed in the phone message notification bar.

    Data Monitoring: The watch can record the following data: Steps, Calories, Heart rate, Exercise duration, Exercise distance and etc when track your sports. The data on the watch is automatically synced to app ‘GloryFit’. You can update your exercise plan in time according to the data in the App.

    More functions such as weather forecast, remote control photography, music control are waiting for you to explore.

    Watch Theme: The watch supports 5 theme modes: array, square, card, honeycomb, and nine grid. You can choose one according to your preference.

    IP67 Waterproof: The watch is IP67 water resistant. It meets your daily needs, such as washing hands. And you don't worry about damaging the watch in the rain. (Note: Please do not wear the watch while bathing and swimming.)

    Music Control: The watch can play music through the built-in speaker. You can set the volume on your watch.


    Life Partner

    Weather Forecast:

    The watch show the weather information in a week under connected. You can make better travel plans.

    Alarm Reminder:

    The watch provide the alarm reminder to wake you up every morning, and you can set the time as well as the repetition frequency in the app. You can set up to three alarms in the app.

    Sedentary Reminder:

    The smart watch can remind you to take a break after working for a long time. You can set the start time, end time and reminder interval.

    Remote Camera Control:

    Turn on the GloryFit App and select 'Device → Universal settings → Shake to take picture'. Then shake your watch, your phone will take a picture.

    Menstrual Period Reminder:

    The watch displays the physiological state. You can set start time, duration and cycle.

    1 rose gold 1 1 3 1
    P22 Smart Watch P66 Smart Watch P66 Replacement Band P66 Replacement Band P66 Replacement Band P66 Charging Cable
    Make / Answer Call
    Watch Band 1 2
    Built-In Speaker
    Call Notification
    SMS & App Notification
    Heart Rate Monitor
    Blood Pressure / Oxygen Monitor
    Watch Themes 1 5
    Sport Modes 7 23
    Screen Size 1.4 inch 1.85 inch

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