Smart Watch, 1.47'' Touch Screen Fitness Tracker with IP68 Waterproof, Health Monitor for Heart Rate, Blood Oxygen, Sleep, 24 Sport Modes, Fitness Watch for Men & Women Compatible with Android iOS

Product Features
  • 【Health Tracker & Sleep Monitor 】: This smartwatch protects your health through LED optical reflection, built-in sensors and system algorithms. Test your heart rate, blood oxygen level, you can know your physical condition at any time, for the development of exercise plan to provide data support(not as a medical reference). It can also measure sleep quality and help you adjust your sleep schedule. Live a productive life happily and healthily!
  • 【All-Day Activity Tracker & 24 Sport Modes】: The fitness tracker tracks your steps, distance and calories 24 hours a day to give you a better understanding of yourself; In addition, there are 24 built-in exercise modes to provide professional data for your exercise and do purposeful and planned exercise. Waterproof with IP68 rating, it can withstand regular daily exercise and can be worn while swimming.
  • 【Large HD Screen & 100+ Custom Watch Faces】: 1.47inch full touch color HD large screen fitness watch with adjustable brightness to ensure you are clear and smooth to use; The app has 100+ personalized dials of different styles. You can also upload your favorite pictures as the dials. This smart watch comes with 2 straps. Custom style, every day is a good mood!
  • 【Long Time Use & Magnetic Charging】: This running watch can be fully charged in 2 hours, can be used continuously for up to 7 days, standby for up to 30 days, always protect you. The back of the watch with magnetic charging, easy for you to charge, beautiful and good-looking; The sport watch is compatible with iOS 9.0, android 6.0 and above smartphones and can be used by most phones.
  • 【Smart Notification & Many Thoughtful Functions】: The digital watch comes with phone, SMS, mobile app (Twitter, Facebook ......) reminder function, according to your needs to open the corresponding alert function, it will vibrate to alert you; The watch also has music control, weather forecast, sedentary reminder, alarm clock, stopwatch, countdown, breathing control, women"s health tracking, find the phone/watch and other functions to meet your daily needs.
  • (Note: The reminder function requires you to set up the gloryfit app first and turn off the Do Not Disturb mode. **Path: Open gloryfit> click on the device> click on the corresponding reminder, and follow the prompts on the phone to open the corresponding permissions.)

Manufacturer Information
smart watchsmart watch
watches for womenwatches for women

Sleep Monitor: This smart watch using built-in sensors to detect your heart rate and wrist movement frequency and amplitude, and then based on the unique system algorithm, AI technology, and big data to analyze whether you are sleeping, and whether you are in a light sleep, or deep sleep or awake a state, and then to provide some advice on the problems that may arise during sleep.

fitness trackerfitness tracker

Heart Rate Monitor & Oxymeter (SpO2):Active recording of your heart rate and blood oxygen throughout the day.

Smartwatch is an optical measurement based on the principle that the amount of light absorbed by arterial blood changes with the pulse of the artery. Plus system algorithms and big data analytics to finally check out the data for you. This data can be used as a reference for your exercise plan. But it cannot be used as medical data.

Pedometer and Calorie & Distance Tracker:Built-in gravity sensor, acceleration sensor, and gyroscope. Based on your body and weight, as well as the data detected by the system, the watch can analyze your steps, distances, and calories burned.

fitness trackerfitness tracker

You Will Get: 1*smart watch, 1*purple strap, 1*magnetic charging cable, 1*User Manual

Watch Size: 9.8*0.99*0.4in; weighs: 0.05lb

Super Long Use: 2 hours to fully charge the watch, can be used for 7 days, the watch standby time up to 30 days, can be used for a long time without any stress.

Weather Forecast: Display today as well as tomorrow weather conditions, temperature.

IP68 Waterproof: You can take the watch for swimming or kayaking and other activities, and will record the corresponding data for you.

android smart watchandroid smart watch

Music Control: When your phone is playing music, you can control the music pause/play, previous/next song through the watch.

Note: You need to play music from your phone first.

Find your Watch/Phone: If you forget where your phone is, you can retrieve it through the watch, the phone will vibrate and play a prompt tone to remind you where it is; if the watch doesn't remember where it is, you can also retrieve it through your phone retrieve.

Smart Notifications: Your watch will vibrate to alert you when you have a call, a text message, and a message from your app.

Such as these apps: Facebook, Twitter, Gmail, WhatsAPP, Instagram, Skype, WeChat, Linkedin, Viber, Snapchat, messenger...etc. You can open the corresponding app reminder on your phone according to your needs.

** Note: The reminder function requires you to set up the gloryfit app first and turn off the Do Not Disturb mode.

** Path: Open gloryfit> click on the device> click on the corresponding reminder, and follow the prompts on the phone to open the corresponding permissions.

** Your smartphone must be connected to the device to receive notifications. The watch can only hang up the call, not answer it.

fitness watchfitness watch

Express More of Yourself: The phone comes with 100+ different styles of personalized dials. You can also upload your favorite pictures as watch faces. The smart watch adopts a high-definition touch screen and a soft and breathable strap, which is very comfortable to wear and stylish for both men and women.

digital watchdigital watch

Support 24 Sports Modes: Outdoor running, Cycling, Swimming, Skipping, Badminton, Pingpong, Tennis, Mountaineering, Walking, Basketball, Football, Baseball, Cricket, Hockey, Dancing, Yoga, Cycling, Indoor running, Gymnastics, Boating, Jumping jack , Volleyball, Rugby, Sit-up.

As you perform these sports, you can record the professional data that these sports require. If you do sports other than these 24, the watch can only record regular data such as heart rate, blood oxygen, steps, distance, calories, etc.

Breathing training: When you feel anxious, cranky, panic, why not try breathing training, by regulating your breathing, to regulate your mood.

Sedentary reminder: Sitting for a long time can lead to obesity, the watch will prompt you to get up and move.

Women's Health Tips: Record your cycle time on your phone and the watch will remind you when it's time.

Alarm clock reminder: set the alarm time on your phone, you can set up to 3 alarms. The wacth will remind you by vibrating.

Raise wrist to light up the screen: you only need to raise your hand, the watch will light up.

Camera setting: You only need to shake the watch, and the phone can automatically take a photo. Use it when the phone is placed at a distance and you can't take photos manually.

The watch also has: stopwatch, countwacth, adjust the brightness of the watch, modify the constant time of the watch, change the dial, shut down and other functions.

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